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Weird LOTR Dream

Oh yeah! Wanna hear my dream?? (It does have to do with LOTR and stuff)

I dreamt that we knew the whole LOTR cast somehow and we were by this pond thing and we were leaving for some reason (my whole family and my cousin's whole family) and we left then it showed us coming back (in my van, I think) and everyone except me got out and started hugging all the LOTR cast (because I was too shy I think. stupid me.) and then they (all the LOTR ppl) were staying the night at my house in a tent in my living room (don't ask) and Caleb was making a pillow that had all their autographs on it and I looked and Billy Boyd, instead of writing his real name, wrote "Biffffff". LOL. I dunno why. So I was staring at it trying to figure it out and my mom said "What are you staring at?" And I'm like "Nothing.." and put the pillow down. Then this guy (I don't know who it was, but it was an actor from LOTR I guess) came out of the tent and said "Where's my muffin?!" And my dad said "I'll get you it in just a second!" Then I went into the kitchen to get someone (I don't know who) something to eat and I came to the tent and I said, "Is anyone hungry?" (In hopes Billy Boyd would want it and come over) but instead Lizzie McGuire (don't ask) came over and said, "I want that!!" And took it and started talking to me, and I asked her were that weird guy went and she pointed to a fish bowl were there was a grey fish and told me he turned into a fish. Then she went back into the tent and I looked around in there and saw Elijah Wood, who was all looking at me weird and so I got freaked and left. Then (You're getting bored, aren't you? Sorry, heh, I just had to write this down.) I saw my brother had all these pictures of US that he wanted the actors to sign and I thought I would rather have a picture of the actor then of me, then I went over to the couch next to the tent and played my gameboy.

Yea, that's it. I have no clue where the "Bifff" thing came from. Lol. ^_^; It seemed REALLY real, I saw it really clearly. And when I woke up I was like, "Dang it!" (Thinking about how I really don't know the LOTR cast. Heh.) There was more to it I think, I just can't seem to remember.
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