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Stalking Billy and loving it!

Hey!!!  I joined a few days ago, but I guess I got a little sidetracked.  I'm Allison, 14 and 1/2, I love making friends, and I live in Miami.  I became "obsessed" with lotr about a year ago (I liked it before then), and at first I was a Legolas fan, but after I saw the second movie a few more times, I was like, wow - I never payed any attention to Merry and Pippin!  Now, especially after the third movie (Legolas was annoying) I am really a Billy Boyd fan.  My best friend is in love with Dom, and sometimes we call each other Merry and Pippin.  I even wrote to Billy in January, but he probably never even got my letter *tear*.  That costed a couple bucks to send it overseas too!!!  Guess I'll just have to go to Scotland when I'm older and get a lookalike. hi everybody.  Keep it updated!

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Welcome welcome!!

Glad your a fan, Legolas isn't annoying though..
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thanks bye movie_freak113

P.S. can you please explain to me how to put a background on the journal were do i get the pictures from? i know that i have to go to S1 and were to put the code/picture in but it doesn't show up on my journal i dont know what i am doing please help!!!!!!!!! thanks